Felix + jumping second = Erwin

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Erwin is at least as handsome and just as big as its older twin Felix, although slightly more plump. Its movement with the jumping second is still a slim 5.7 mm and its 9 mm case fits comfortably beneath even snug-fitting sleeve cuffs. This is made possible by the new design of the jumping second that is much flatter in comparison to earlier hand-wound watch movements with this little complication.
Erwin‘s heartbeat is determined by hand-mounted and adjusted escapement parts that is made in-house – very much in the old-fashioned manner – and therefore has no need to fear even the most challenging trials.
The fine-grained, silver-white dial with its discreet minimalist print and the black oxidised steel hands in thread form (also available in blued steel on request) are features Erwin shares with his twin. The dial now features second markers and the accurately jumping second hand jumps from one marker to the next with the greatest precision.
The new dial style with a discreet brushed metal finish and completely smooth, red gold plated hour bars and digits is made using the covering technique applied to classic examples from the 1950s. The matching red gold plated hands lend the two twins even more distinguished noblesse – especially in comparison to the more reserved dial/hand variants.

Erwin’s technical Details

 Habring² A11S movement:
  • Diameter: 30 mm; height: 5.7 mm
  • Centre-mounted hour hand, minute hand and jumping second Hand
  • 28,800 half oscillations per hour (4Hz)
  • Hand-wound movement with 48 hours of power reserve
  • Fine adjustment via tangential screw
  • Amagnetic escapement with a Carl Haas balance spring in chronometer quality
  • KIF shockproof pursuant to DIN and NIHS
  • 21 rubies
  • Elaborately refined by hand with polished bevels, decorative grinding, perlage, etc.
  • 65 service-relevant individual parts (126 parts in total)
  • Stainless steel, three-part, 38.5 mm in diameter, 9.0 mm in height
  • Watertight to the depth equivalent of 30 metres
  • Spherical sapphire lens
  • Double-sealed crown, sapphire base
  • Consecutive serial number engraved between the lugs at 6 o'clock


  • Silver-white granular metal dial with black print or silver-white calendered metal dial with red gold plated hour bars/digits and black print
  • Polished, black oxidised steel hands in thread form or polished red gold plated hands